Conference "Scholars and Scholarship in Late Babylonian Uruk"

March 23-24, 2015, University Paris Diderot, Paris
Building Condorcet, Room 646A Mondrian.

This international conference is co-organized by Christine Proust and John Steele and supported by the European project SAW (CNRS & University Paris Diderot) and the Department of Egyptology and Assyriology at Brown University.

(Distributed October 30, 2014)

Prehistoric ‘bookkeeping’ continued long after invention of writing/M. Willis Monroe, Graduate Student, Participates in Research of Tokens

An ancient token-based recording system from before the dawn of history was rendered obsolete by the birth of writing, according to popular wisdom. But now, latest excavations show that, in fact, these clay tokens were integral to administrative functions right across the Assyrian empire – millennia after this system was believed to have vanished.

(Distributed August 4, 2014)

Professor John Steele honored with the title “Guest Professor” at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

During a recent visit to China to give a series of lectures Professor John Steele was awarded the honorary title of Guest Professor in the School of History and Culture of Science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The honor is in recognition of his research on the history of ancient astronomy and in fostering links between historians of science in China and at Brown.

(Distributed July 18, 2014)

M. Willis Monroe Awarded Fellowship from The American Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TAARII)


M. Willis Monroe, a 4th year PhD student in Ancient Western Asian Studies, has been awarded a fellowship from The American Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TAARII) for his research project "Innovation in Seleucid Astrology: Re-investigating the Micro-Zodiac". The fellowship will support Willis's travel to several European collections to undertake research on cuneiform tablets this summer.

(Distributed March 14, 2014)
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