English at Brown for First-Year Students


The courses most suitable for first-year students—the ENGL 0100s through the ENGL 0900s--open up practices of reading and writing that examine how literature matters and how we write about it.

The numbering system does not necessarily indicate increasing difficulty, and you are invited to explore all of these courses.

Nonfiction writing courses suitable for first-year students are found at the beginning (ENGL 0110-1180) and intermediate levels (ENGL 1050). All these courses except ENGL 0110 count towards the concentration in English.  For descriptions of individual sections of the courses page.

Our courses in literature offer you the chance to follow up on poems, fiction, and drama that you want to know more about and also to pursue literary studies in ways that will be new to you. 

Experiment with courses that draw your interest, whether it’s something tried and true or something that just makes you curious.

Courses in literature are grouped loosely by chronological periods. Some will be seminars limited in enrollment.  Many like ENGL 0310, 0510, and 0710 are open enrollment.  Some first-year students choose 1000-level courses in areas of special interest to them. Consult the course descriptions.

A brief listing of the titles of first semester English courses is found below.


The Department of English is launching a new model for concentrating in English for the Class of 2016 and beyond. This new model will be the one members of your class (2018) follow when declaring the concentration as sophomores.  In addition to the standard English concentration, we offer a concentration track in the practice of Nonfiction Writing. The concentration in English and the English/Nonfiction track follow the same core requirements, and students in the English concentration may choose Nonfiction Writing courses as electives.  Qualified students may pursue honors concentrations in English and in English/Nonfiction. 

For more information, please see the concentration requirements.


  • ENGL0310A, Shakespeare (Foley)
  • ENGL0500J, Literature of Identity (Khalip)
  • ENGL0510T, American History and the Literary Imagination (Clytus)
  • ENGL0510W, Coupling: The Literature of Courtship (Hunt)
  • ENGL0710A, City Novels (Katz)
  • ENGL0710D, The Dead and the Living (Reichman)
  • ENGL0710E, Postcolonial Tales of Transition (George)
  • ENGL0710N, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and the Lost Generation (Burrows)
  • ENGL0760P, The Simple Art of Murder (FYS) (Nabers)
  • ENGL0910A, How To Read A Poem (Rabb)
  • ENGL1311K, Hamlet, In Theory (Rambuss)
  • ENGL1360H, Seminar in Old English Literature (Jacobs)
  • ENGL1361B, Renaissance Poetry and Visual Culture (Foley)
  • ENGL1511O, American Poetry I: Puritans through the 19th Century (Blasing)
  • ENGL1511P, Realism, Modernism, Postmodernism: The American Novel and its Traditions (Nabers)
  • ENGL1511R, Scandalous Victorians (Hunt)
  • ENGL1561Q, Emily Dickinson (Burrows)
  • ENGL1710P, The Literature and Culture of Black Power Reconsidered (Murray)
  • ENGL1711F, India in English (Gandhi)
  • ENGL1760G, American and British Poetry Since 1945 (Blasing)
  • ENGL1760T, The Texts of Africa (George)
  • ENGL1762D, Kubrick (Rambuss)
  • ENGL1900R, Queer Relations: Aesthetics and Sexuality (Khalip)
  • ENGL1901F, Art of Criticism (Anderson)


Critical Reading and Writing I:  The Academic Essay

  • ENGL0110 S01, (section reserved for first-year students) (Stanley)
  • ENGL0110 S02, (section reserved for first-year students) (Imbriglio)
  • ENGL0110 S03, (section reserved for first-year students) (Schapira)
  • ENGL0110 S05, (DeBoer-Langworthy)
  • ENGL0110 S06, (Ward)
  • ENGL0110 S07, (Naughton)
  • ENGL0110 S08, (section reserved for first-year students) (Regunathan)
  • ENGL0110 S09, (section reserved for first-year students) (Keck)
  • ENGL0110 S10, (Beaver)
  • ENGL0110 S11, (Readey)
  • ENGL0110 S12, (section reserved for first-year students) (Tan)
  • ENGL0110 S13, (Golaski)
  • ENGL0110 S14, (Golaski)

Critical Reading and Writing II:  The Research Essay

  • ENGL0130 S01, (Taylor)
  • ENGL0130 S02, (Ward)

Journalistic Writing

  • ENGL0160 S01, (Breton)
  • ENGL0160 S02, (Breton)

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction 

  • ENGL0180 S01, (section reserved for first-year students) (Stanley)
  • ENGL0180 S02, (Resnick)
  • ENGL0180 S03, (section reserved for first-year students) (Resnick)
  • ENGL0180 S04, (Stewart)
  • ENGL0180 S05, (Solomon)


  • ENGL1050A, Narrative (Hardy)
  • ENGL1050B, True Stories (Schapira)
  • ENGL1050C, Creative Nonfiction: Practice/Criticism (Taylor)


  • ENGL1160G, Literary Journalism: Writing About Culture (Feeney)
  • ENGL1180B, Digital Nonfiction (Stewart)
  • ENGL1180I, Writing Medical Narrative (Schapira)
  • ENGL1180K, The Art of Literary Nonfiction (Imbriglio)
  • ENGL1180M, Special Delivery: Letters and Diaries (DeBoer-Langworthy)
  • ENGL1180P, Further Adventures in Creative Nonfiction (Hardy)