Climate Change and Refugees - A new publication!

Two Brown undergrads, Kristine Mar and Katrina Lee, were students in Professor Dawn King’s ENVS-0110 class, Humans, Nature, and the Environment this past semester. They recently completed a research project on the interrelated issues of population displacement and environmental damage from climate change.

(Distributed December 11, 2014)

The Weather - Deadline: April 13, 2015

For an upcoming issue, Creative Nonfiction is seeking new essays about THE WEATHER. We're not just making idle chit-chat; the weather affects us all, and talking about the weather is a fundamental human experience. Now, as we confront our changing climate, talking about the weather may be more important than ever.

Send us your true stories—personal, historical, reported—about fog, drought, flooding, tornado-chasing, blizzards, hurricanes, hail the size of golfballs, or whatever's happening where you are. We're looking for well-crafted essays that will change the way we see the world around us.

(Distributed December 9, 2014)

Adventures in research: Rich studies microbes 2,500 meters down on the sea floor

Teeming with life:

On Nov. 8, 2014, biologist Jeremy Rich cruised in the submersible Alvin through a “dream-like aquarium” of exotic life and lava formations on the Pacific sea floor. Rich and 54 colleagues are aboard a research vessel west of Costa Rica, studying the ecosystems of hydrothermal vents.

(Distributed November 12, 2014)
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