The mission of Brown University is “to serve the community, the nation, and the world by discovering, communicating, and preserving knowledge and understanding in a spirit of free inquiry, and by educating and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation.”

The Institute at Brown for Environment & Society will support this mission through the lens of sustaining life on earth.  IBES organizes our research into four interdisciplinary thematic areas, each centered on an organizing question and led by a faculty member with expertise in the area.  These themes draw on foundational research strengths present in our partner departments, centers, and institutes here at Brown University.

Research Themes 

Natural Systems

Food and Water

Human Health and Well-Being 

Equity and Governance

Foundational Research Strengths 

Climate Science

Land Change Science

Conservation Science

Environmental Health

Institutions and
Human Behavior

Learn more about our faculty fellows, as well as a full list of our staff.