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    "Astrophysics has a 'one-two punch' — it’s beautiful and it also lends itself to some of the deepest questions about the world" Jacqueline McCleary GS

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PhD student Tim Raben is one of ten doctoral candidates chosen to receive the Deans’ Faculty Fellowship in this first year of awards

Brad Marston is elected Vice Chair of the APS Topical Group on the Physics of Climate

Detection of gamma rays from a newly discovered dwarf galaxy may point to dark matter

DNA ‘cage’ could improve nanopore technology

Real-World Change: Meet Brown's 2015 Rhodes Scholars

Anthony Aguirre '95 (B.S. Math/Physics) and Brian Keating PhD'00 among the winners of the first annual Buchalter Cosmology Prize that recognizes innovative ideas and discoveries

Paramecia need Newton for navigation

Abi Kulshreshtha '15 is among three Rhodes Scholarship winners from Brown

Research Spotlight: McCleary - Exploring galaxies far, far away

Superconductor finally goes with the FFLO

Research team led by Prof. Mitrovic has produced new evidence for exotic, predicted superconducting state

Welcome to the Physics Department! Physics, or “natural philosophy” as it was originally known, has been part of Brown’s curriculum since the 18th century, and our department has a distinguished history of teaching and research. Our current roster of 27 full-time faculty members includes a Nobel Prize winner and numerous recipients of other prestigious awards and honors. Faculty members engage in research in astrophysics and cosmology, high energy, condensed matter and biological physics that is collaborative, interdisciplinary and international in its scope.

We offer undergraduates a comprehensive experience that includes many opportunities to work directly with cutting-edge researchers who are also dedicated classroom instructors. Our graduate program incorporates strong faculty and peer mentoring for our approximately 100 graduate students.

Please explore this site to learn more about our exciting research initiatives and what Brown Physics can offer you.