What's Behind the Criticism of Hospice? Is It Fair?

An article on the recent and widespread criticism of hospice care cites and links to a new paper by Joan Teno, professor of health services, policy and practice, that found that small for-profit hospices and hospices located in the south and southwest have higher discharge rates than others. read more...

(Distributed September 15, 2014)

Five Questions With: Susan Miller

Susan Miller, professor of health services, policy and practice, answers questions about her recent study indicating that nursing homes investing in “culture change” must make extensive changes for the most important quality of care benefits to be produced.  Read more...

(Distributed September 8, 2014)

Nursing homes: Care improves with culture change

Nursing homes that invest in “culture change” can develop a more residential and less hospital-like feel. Culture change also allows residents and front-line care workers more of a say in how homes operate. A new study finds that the practice produces important benefits in quality of care, but only when the changes are implemented extensively. Findings are reported in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.Read more...

(Distributed August 28, 2014)
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