Book Release of Prof. Lundy Braun's Breathing Race into the Machine

This February, Royce Family Professor in Teaching Excellence, professor of medical science and Africana studies, and a member of the Science and Technology Studies Program, Lundy Braun released her new book Breathing Race into the Machine: The Surprising Career of the Spirometer from Plantation to Genetics

(Distributed March 26, 2014)

Book release of Paja Faudree's Singing For the Dead

Singing for the Dead chronicles ethnic revival in Oaxaca, Mexico, where new forms of singing and writing in the local Mazatec indigenous language are producing powerful, transformative political effects. Paja Faudree argues for the inclusion of singing as a necessary component in the polarized debates about indigenous orality and literacy, and she considers how the coupling of literacy and song has allowed people from the region to create texts of enduring social resonance.

(Distributed March 23, 2014)

STS in Global Health & Environmental Change

Amy Moran-Thomas came to Brown in 2013 as a Cogut Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities, after receiving her PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Princeton.  Conducting ethnographic research in the areas of global health and environmental change, Professor Moran-Thomas is based in the Department of Anthropology and is also a new affiliate of the Science and Technology Studies Program and the Population Studies and Training Center.  Her work has appeared in publications such as

(Distributed January 26, 2014)

Linda Heuman: Context Matters

Linda Heuman is a visiting scholar in the Department of Religious Studies at Brown University, where she is also affiliated with the Program in Science and Technology Studies and the Contemplative Studies Initiative. Her articles, essays, and reviews have appeared in Penguin's Best Spiritual WritingBuddhadharmaStanford MagazinePlenty, and The Industry Standard and have been published in German in Buddhismus aktuell.

(Distributed December 15, 2013)
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