Welcome to Theatre Arts & Performance Studies

The Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies (TAPS) is the intellectual and artistic center at Brown for faculty and students interested in the aesthetic, historical, literary, practical, and theorectical explorations of performance in gobal perspective - theatre, dance, speech, performance art, and performative "roles" in everyday life.

In addition to the Undergraduate Program, the department offers a Doctoral Program in Theatre and Performance Studies, an MFA Program in Playwriting, and the Brown/Trinity MFA Programs in Acting and Directing.

The department is also a part of the Engaged Scholarship Program at Brown University. The program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study performance theory while simultaneously working with communities outside of the university to create and investigate socially engaged performance that tackles complex social issues.



Graduate Students Win Major Prizes, Awards

Over the summer break, the graduate student body of the Department of Theatre Arts & Performance Studies, as well as alums of the program, have shone, winning recognition in the form of honors, awards, prizes, and fellowship.


(Distributed September 30, 2015)

PRESS RELEASE: Laura Rikard brings Chekov’s The Seagull to Brown University

“Any idiot can face a crisis-it’s day to day living that wears you out” – Anton Chekhov

A play is performed on the shore of a lake. Its young idealistic author is devastated when his work is mocked by his family and friends. Passions and jealousies rise as his beloved gives her heart to his rival. With a hint of absurdist humor and melancholy, The Seagull explores our unquenchable human desire to live an extraordinary life.

(Distributed September 25, 2015)