New Course Offerings

Spring 2015 

TAPS 1335TAPS 1335TAPS 1335 -  Movement Theory: Choreography, Modernity, Subjectivity - Noémie Solomon

This seminar examines theatrical choreography as a defining art of western modernity. Drawing from the publication of Chorégraphie in 1700––from the Greek khoreia (dancing) and graphein (writing)––as a system of dance notation, the course will follow the transformation of the relation between the score and the event; writing and moving; philosophy and dance from the Baroque period to contemporary experimentations. This course seeks to enable students to apply a diverse set of languages and concepts to the study of dance; to equip them with the critical tools through which to experience, analyze, and write on dance as a culturally meaningful practice.

Wednesdays  1pm - 3:30pm.    CRN26060.