Student Group Re-Registration

Each year, the Student Activities Office asks all student groups to go through a brief re-registration process.  It ensures that groups’ information and contacts are accurate and up-to-date.  Groups are able to receive necessary information about policies, procedures and upcoming events, such as the Activities Fair.  It also assists potential members in contacting the appropriate parties and learning more about your group. Re-registration is mandatory to keep your Brown student group active; failure to do so may result in your group becoming inactive. UCS recognized groups will also have a baseline funding cut for missing the deadline (see details below).

Primary contacts ONLY should fill out the online re-registration form (anyone who fills out the form is updated to the primary contact).  DEADLINE for submission: October 4, 2013 at 11:59PM.

 The steps to re-register your organization are listed below for all groups.

 The process should take about 10 minutes. In addition to reviewing some University policies, please have the following information and/or documents ready:

  • Group primary contact and financial signatories
  • Description of group's mission/purpose and group contact information

    In addition, UCS recognized groups should have the following:

  • Group constitution
  • Group roster and email addresses (at least 10 members for Category S and I groups, and 15 for Category II and III)
  • Liability Waiver (select organizations only)


Late submissions will be subject to the following penalties:

After October 4 deadline but before December 21.

 All groups: Account frozen until re-registration completed.

  After Dec 21

 All groups: Account frozen until re-registration completed.

 UCS Category 2 & 3: Baseline funding cut by 50% for spring semester

 UCS Groups may be reviewed for de-categorization


Re-Registration Instructions

To re-register your group, do the following:

1. Primary contacts, log on to MyGroups

2. Navigate to your group's home page, and click on the "Register this Organization" button to access online form

3. Follow instructions and submit form by the deadline!