CareerLAB Staff Responsibilities

Advertising/marketing, public relations careers Ron Foreman
 Alumni outreach Acting Director Jim Amspacher
Arts and arts administration careers Jim Amspacher, Bev Ehrich, or Ron Foreman
Banking careers Amy Tarbox
Brown Degree Days Acting Director Jim Amspacher
Business careers Amy Tarbox
Business school George Vassilev
Career advice–general Jim Amspacher, Bev Ehrich, Ron Foreman, or Amy Tarbox (appointments can be scheduled through the Job and Internship board)
Career fairs Laura Joshi
Consulting careers Amy Tarbox
Careers in the Common Good Program Jim Amspacher (and Peggy Chang, Curricular Resource Center)
Data Acting Director Jim Amspacher, Laura Joshi
Education careers Jim Amspacher
Entertainment careers Ron Foreman
Finance careers Amy Tarbox
Government, law, and/or policy careers Jim Amspacher
Graduate school admission process Jim Amspacher, Bev Ehrich, Ron Foreman,  Amy Tarbox
Graduate student programs Bev Ehrich
Health careers George Vassilev
Information sessions–employers Karen Clancy
Internships Lauren D'Abrosca
January Career Laboratory Amy Tarbox
Job board Laura Joshi
Law school admission George Vassilev
LINK awards Lauren D'Abrosca
Media careers Ron Foreman
Nonprofit careers Jim Amspacher
Posting a job Karen Clancy
Posting an internship Lauren D'Abrosca
Recruiting program Karen Clancy
Sports careers Ron Foreman
STEM careers Bev Ehrich
Walk-in advising hours Schedule is online here