Exploring Careers

Once you’ve developed a list of career fields that interest you, you’ll want to spend some time finding out more about each area of employment. Factors to consider include the types of job in each field, required graduate/professional education, lifestyle, career paths, daily tasks and challenges, and potential salary.

Do Your Research

Doing your research now--before you commit to a particular position or further study--will pay big dividends down the road. Making decisions based on assumptions about various fields can take you down a path that is not the best fit. A bit of research up front can help you avoid pitfalls and choose paths that are best suited to your interests and abilities.

CareerLAB recommends the following websites for information about career fields:

Talk About it

  • Thousands of Brown alumni have joined BRUNet, a database that allows you to connect with alums working in specific career fields. Check out CareerLAB’s informational interviewing tip sheet and online workshop  before making an appointment for an informational interview.
  • Seek out friends, family, and faculty who have a connection to the career field you’re pursuing. Visit open hours of faculty, deans, and other mentors regularly. Keep members of your network informed about your progress.
  • Contact supervisors and mentors from previous jobs or internships. Reference requests can be folded into longer conversations about your academic and professional interests and development.

Try it Out