Sarah Doyle Gallery

Current Exhibition

Mary Hurwitz

"Women's Work"

On display: April 7–May 8

Opening Reception: April 9, 6–8 PM

 Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 AM–5 PM

 Sarah Doyle Gallery, 26 Benevolent Street, Providence, RI

“Fabric of Daily Life” Cloak (2011)

Medium:  Laundry lint

Artist Statement

     Making unique art constructions out of commonplace materials and objects is very engaging and satisfying to me. Objects and materials have their own unique identity that can be instantly recognized. Yet, depending on how they are presented, recombined or manipulated, their meaning can change dramatically resulting in something new and surprising.

     My work ranges from assemblage to garment-making, sculpture to installation and video performance. My tendency to create only one or two pieces using the same materials is indicative of my unpredictable and impatient nature. I prefer not to limit myself to any one medium or material since I am continually stimulated and inspired by my environment and the culture I live in.    

     Traditionally, society has always expected women to perform domestic duties and manage their homes. As a result of our pre-determined gender at birth, we inherit these responsibilities for better or worse. The battle between the sexes and both the repression and triumphs of women continue to have profound consequences to this day.

     This body of work entitled, “Women’s Work”, emerged from the cyclic, day-to-day routines of cleaning my house such as washing dishes and doing the laundry; chores I find time consuming, mundane and frustrating, yet necessary. Out of my ongoing struggle and resistance to what I believe to be a demeaning job and aspect of being female, came a fulfilling response in the form of Art. Over time I began accumulating the by-products of these activities, such as dryer lint, plastic pull tabs from milk containers and fur from grooming my two cats and incorporated them into something worthwhile. As it turns out, my domestic experiences have been a rich and artistic place to tap into.

     Mary has a MAE from the University of Massachusetts and a BFA in graphic design from Syracuse University. For the past fourteen years she has been a full-time Visual Arts teacher in a public school system serving hundreds of middle school aged students. Her work has been exhibited throughout New England and beyond.


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