TechTA - Overview

Technology collaboration between university faculty and Brown students

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The TechTA program funds undergraduate teaching assistants to work with faculty exploring the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

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The goals of the program are to:

  • help faculty as they try new teaching strategies involving instructional technology in particular new classroom technology
  • provide the opportunity for students to develop new technical skills
  • create an environment in which faculty have support for using new technology. In addition to fine-tuning their technical skills, students benefit from working closely with a faculty member and experiencing first-hand applications for teaching with technology

TechTAs might assist an instructor as they:

  • develop a strategy for and use a Smartboard in the classroom
  • develop a strategy for and use the Brown lecture capture system in the classroom
  • develop a strategy for and use the web conferencing and virtual classroom technologies
  • develop a strategy for and use multimedia in the classroom


To be considered for participation faculty must complete an online proposal form and identify a student previously or currently enrolled in the course. Technology skills are not required as students will be trained as needed by staff from Academic Technology, CIS. Students will be paid $9.00/hour to $10.00/hour, up to $1500 per semester based upon hours worked. Priority will be given to faculty interested in using a new classroom technology (e.g., interactive annotation smartboards, automated lecture capture, and video conferencing).