Campus as a Living Lab

"On a sustainable campus, the built environment, operational systems, research, scholarship, and education are linked as a “living laboratory” for sustainability. Users (such as students, faculty, and staff) have access to research, teaching, and learning opportunities on connections between environmental, social, and economic issues."

 - ISCN-GULF Sustainable Campus Charter

If you are interested in working the Energy and Environment Office on a Living Lab class project or course integration, please contact 

Class Projects

What goes where? Using visual examples to increase recyling compliance. 

- Nicholas Varone ‘12

Energy Usage and the Status Quo Bias

Can Gencler ‘12; Jesse Hartheimer ‘14

Green Events: a Theories in Action Pilot

Abeba Cherinet, Charlotte Delpit ’15; Arisa Lohmeier, Juliana Rodriguez ’14; Julia Duch ’12