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The mission of the Center for Computational Molecular Biology (CCMB) is to make breakthrough discoveries in the life sciences through the development and application of novel computational, mathematical, and statistical techniques. Research in the Center aims to exploit the opportunities from technological advances in genomics and proteomics.

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Top Stories about the CCMB:

Probing the deep history of human genes and language:

Brown University evolutionary biologist Sohini Ramachandran has joined with colleagues in publishing a sweeping analysis of genetic and linguistic patterns across the world’s populations. Among the findings is that geographic distance predicts differentiation in both language and genes. Full text.

Algorithm identifies networks of genetic changes across cancers:
PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Using a computer algorithm that can sift through mounds of genetic data, researchers from Brown University have identified several networks of genes that, when hit by a mutation, could play a role in the development of multiple types of cancer. Full Text

Infection outbreaks, unique diseases rising since 1980:
PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Enterovirus. Tuberculosis. Cholera. Measles. Various strains of the flu and hepatitis. The number of infectious disease outbreaks and the number of unique illnesses causing them appear to be increasing around the globe, according to a new Brown University analysis of more than 12,000 outbreaks affecting 44 million people worldwide over the last 33 years. Full Text

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