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 Pradeep R. Guduru
Professor of Engineering
Experimental Solid Mechanics Laboratory
School of Engineering, Brown University
Providence, RI 02912, USA.


Welcome to the Experimental Solid Mechanics Lab at Brown University!

Our research interests span problems in Experimental Solid Mechanics such as Dynamic Response of Materials and Structures, Mechanics of Energy Storage Materials, Coupled Mechanics and Chemistry in Catalysis, Contact Mechanics and Mechanics of small-scale structures. Prof. Guduru's office is located at 729 Barus and Holley; the lab is located at 634 Barus and Holley, 109 Prince Laboratory and 113 Prince Laboratory. The focus of the current research is on (i) problems at the interface between Solid Mechanics and Chemistry, with applications to energy sciences/technologies; (ii) dynamic response of heterogeneous materials; (iii) development of high-speed diagnostics (infrared and visible) with simultaneous high spatial and temporal resolution; (iv) structural materials with engineered microstructures. Prof. Guduru is serving as the principal investigator on Rhode Island's DOE EPSCoR Implementation Progam on "Fundamental Investigations of Mechanical and Chemical Degradation Mechanisms in Li-ion Battery Materials;" . He also serves as the concentration advisor for Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering.