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A skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building." ~ Wikipedia, 2:03 am, 11/15/2008

There is no measuring stick of height which determines what is a skyscraper and what is not. In other words, skyscrapers are not just "a building over X feet tall". They are not defined by one attribute, but are a truly complex 'gatherings' of things which do not lend themselves to easy quanitification. A vast network of ideas, technologies, and people were necessary to allow simple, relatively short load-bearing structures to progress into skyscrapers. I examined three technological advances related to motion that are gathered into the modern skyscraper:

The Structural Frame

The Elevator

The Illuminated Skyscraper

With these basic motion-related skyscraper components under our belts, we are ready to approach 4. Three Case Studies and see how they play out in the modern skyscraper.

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