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Posted at Oct 06/2008 09:31PM:
chris witmore: Hey Gordon, The wheelchair throws up all kinds of issues to do with the body, movement and the lines between human and things, or lack thereof: cyborgs. Bruno Latour wrote a great text on cyborgs in Sean Swenney and Ian Hodder's book The Body. On the other side is the whole issue of designing buildings and infrastructures around the wheel(chair).

Posted at Oct 09/2008 10:47AM:
caroline: Here's that study I was telling you about. It's not exactly what I thought it was, but you might want to check it out anyways.

Posted at Oct 16/2008 06:52PM:
Emma Whitford: What about wheelchairs as a symbol of recovery? I think of 19th century novels and war accounts in which recovering patients describe the joy in finally being wheeled outside for some fresh air or a "turn in the garden."

Posted at Oct 19/2008 09:36PM:
carly: At a nature preserve I worked at we had a handicapped accessible path around the lake. As an employee, I was instructed to advertise the walk as handicapped accessible, yet in my three months of working there I never once saw a wheelchair. I like your perspective on the wheelchair's role in building design. Unfortunately, this experience made me think that often this design is more for the accolades and status that come along with it than a real need or demand for wheelchair accessibility- at least in this case.

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