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Week 1

The Camel and the Wheel Discussion Questions

Chapter 4

1. What was the impetus for the developments in weaponry and saddlery among nomadic camel-breeding Arab tribes and what was the impact of these advances?

2. How did nomadic Arab tribes leverage military influence into political ascendancy, social integration and economic prosperity? And what does all that have to do with the wheel?

3. Historians identify a correlation between the advent of the North Arabian Saddle and the replacement of the wheel by the pack camel. From an archeological perspective, how is it possible (or is it possible at all) to confirm causation based on correlation?

Week 2

Megaliths: Tilly's Study of Menhirs 

I would like to present on the menhirs of Les Montagnes Noires (pg. 60- 64) and The Crozan Penninsula (pg. 64-66)

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