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My name is Peter Hatch, and I am a first-year student from Portland, Oregon. I really know very little about anything related to Greece or Archeology, which is I guess why this course sounded so interesting. I went to a program at the University of Texas at Austin last summer which was about the history of writing, where we touched on Linear B for a bit, along with other ancient forms of writing, and it was of course very interesting. I suppose my main inspiration for looking at courses in archeology is my experiences with a family friend, a woman named Claire Dean, who works as a conservator of art and artifacts, especially rock art (pictographs and petroglyphs). She always had such amazing stories about her work. Last time I visited her...well, actually last time she was talking about getting shot at in Yemen, and I'm not sure that's really an experience I'm eager to share...but even so. This course will probably help me develop yet another interest, which will make it even harder to decide what to concentrate in when I finally have to. I look forward to it.

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Tholos Tomb

Micro-micoproject: The Archeology of Archeology Class

I found these in the compartment under the table where I was sitting the other day. I just think they're interesting, and kinda funny. It makes me wonder what their story is. Of course, if archeology is the study of the material remains of the past, regardless of how old that past may be, one way to look at these is as archeological artifacts. (Also, I'm not posting this to embarrass anyone by posting personal communication in public, so if anyone wishes the image be taken down, just say so)

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I found this one later, it's addressed to "Frenchy"

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