Notes by Jie Ying Wu


On November 6th and 7th, 2014, Rhode Island Hospital will be hosting the first Conformal Thermal Ablation Research Network workshop. This workshop will bring together leading experts on ablation therapy to discuss novel treatment planning procedures. With demonstrations at both the hospital and Brown University, it aims to foster collaboration ...

Cancer Ablation Research at Rhode Island Hospital

When Mrs. Hope Tucker's brother contracted lung cancer, she watched in horror as his unsuccessful surgery to remove the tumor left him tied to an oxygen machine. In the end, it only increased his suffering during his last few weeks. So when she was also diagnosed with lung cancer, she chose a different approach.

Lifespan Annual Research Celebration


I presented a poster at the Lifespan Annual Research Celebration on the preliminary results from MUSTACHE. You can find the abstract published online here.


Research update: Not much happened in the last few weeks. I've been fixing bugs in the original MUSTACHE code and writing up the research proposal ...

Ultrasonography Research Update


So far, I've been working on pulling together all the pieces of MUSTACHE. Updates to that project include:

  • Organizing the data so each rater has one mask for each patient, and each patient is rated by both raters
  • Creating a GUI for manual raters to classify steatosis images ...