Prof. Derek Merck

  • Director of Computer Vision and Image Analysis, DDI
  • Co-Director of HI-RES
  • Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation-Oncology, and Engineering

Dr. Daniel Dickstein (Bradley Hospital Psychiatry)

  • Director of Pediatric Mood, Imaging and Neurodevelopment, Psychiatry
  • Co-Director of HI-RES
  • Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Diagnostic Imaging

3D Lab Staff & Students

Scott Collins

  • Clinical 3D Technology Manager
  • Lead CT Technologist at Lifespan

Wendy Smith

  • Research Manager, RIH DDI

Krishna Nand Keshava Murthy

  • GRA/PhD candidate, Brown Engineering

Garron Deshazer

  • GRA/PhD candidate, URI Physics

Ryan Cabeen

  • GRA/PhD candidate, Brown Computer Science

Adam Tuomi

  • GRA/MD candidate, Brown School of Medicine

Wes Albright

  • GRA/MD candidate, Brown School of Medicine

Austin Ha

  • MD candidate, Brown School of Medicine


Jie Ying Wu

  • PhD candidate, Johns Hopkins Medical Robotics Program

Madeleine Cook

  • Pre-med, Brown University

David Glidden

  • MD/PhD candidate, Brown School of Medicine

Madeline Cosgriff

  • Pre-med, Carleton College

Research Advisory Council

Dr. Glenn Tung

  • Director of Research, DDI
  • Professor of Diagnostic Imaging

Prof. Benjamin Kimia

  • Professor of Engineering

Prof. Braden Fleming

  • Professor of Orthopaedics

Dr. Francois Luks

  • Professor of Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics

Dr. Leo Kobayashi

  • Co-Director of the Lifespan Simulation Center (LSSC)
  • Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine


Dr. Lisa Merck

  • Director of Neuroemergency Research
  • Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging