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Contents (sorted by author, title, date of publication, topic, or reading level.)
Note: Generally, it is assumed that the reader can identify most of the case endings and conjugations of Standard Czech, and has learned the basic concepts of aspect. Reading proficiency, however, is more than an ability to parse sentences; it is also related to the extent to which a person is able to:
   bullet combine knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, logic, and personal experience to grasp the jist of a text;
   bullet apply knowledge of stylistic registers to the interpretation of character, situations, and texts;
   bullet apply knowledge of Czech culture to understand how a text is relevant to Czech readers (contemporaries of the author as well as current readers).
Given the complexity of reading proficiency, the following is a mere attempt at grouping the texts according to this criterion.
Requiring Familiarity with the Rhetoric of Contrast and Comparison:
    Karel Čapek, Malé a velké  bullet  Text
    Karel Čapek, Malí národové  bullet  Text
    Karel Čapek, Naši hosté a my  bullet  Text
    Karel Čapek, O tom humoru  bullet  Text
    Karel Čapek, Přísloví  bullet  Text
Requiring Sufficient Knowledge of Grammar to Follow a Narrative of Sequential Events:
    Karel Čapek, Básník   bullet  Text  bullet  Exercises
    Karel Čapek, O lyrickém zloději   bullet  Text
    Karel Čapek, Povídka starého kriminálníka  bullet  Text
    Karel Čapek, Šlépěje  bullet  Text
    Karel Čapek, Zločin v chalupě  bullet  Text
Requiring Familiarity with Stylistic Registers and Their Functions in Various Contexts, Including Irony:
    Karel Čapek, Pohádka o psím ocásku (Excerpt from Pohádky pro Dášeňku, aby tiše seděla)  bullet  Text
    Karel Jaromír Erben (ed.), Dlouhý, Široký a Bystrozraký  bullet  Text
    Jaroslav Hašek, Obecní volby  bullet  Text, part: 1 2 3
    Zdeněk Svěrák and Ladislav Smoljak, Náš Jára Cimrman  bullet  Text bullet  Exercises
    Josef Škvorecký, Dobře prověřená Lizetka  bullet  Text
    Josef Škvorecký, Kterak došlo k mému sňatku  bullet  Text
    Ivan Vyskočil, Takové torzo, to by si teprv žilo!   bullet  Text
    Alexandra Berková, O malé bílé cedulce  bullet  Text
Requiring Skills to Follow Non-Conventional Story-Telling:
    Karel Čapek, Pomoc!  bullet  Text
    Karel Čapek, Tribunál  bullet  Text
    Alexandra Berková , Kdybytí   bullet  Text
Requiring Solid Knowledge of Czech Language, History and Literary Cannon:
    Pavel Řezníček, Blbec  bullet  Text
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