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Doug McErlean

May 2013

Doug McErlean's Honor Thesis " One Constraint to Rule Them All: How to simplify optimizations under constant variable sum, with applications to maximum likelihood" develops algebraic and computer science theory and algorithms for the maximization of the Likelihood Haplotype Phasing polynomial and its generalizations. The thesis was ranked top among the 2013 honor theses in the department of computer science. Doug also received Honorable Mention from the 2013 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers Award program. Doug graduated this May with Magna cum Laude and Honors.

HapCompass is the leading Haplotype Assembly Software Tool of the area

May 2012

"Researchers from Brown University have developed a method that they say can generate more accurate haplotype assemblies for genome-wide and whole-exome studies than current methods." Read the full story here or here.

Brown University Graduation Class of 2012

May 2012

Congratulations to our 2012 Lab members graduation - landing at Google, Yale, Berkeley, Stanford, Stony Brook Medical School, Harvard Business School, and Yelp.

Ryan Tarpine Featured in Today at Brown

March 2010

Computer Science graduate student Ryan Tarpine was featured in the March 24, 2010 Today at Brown article entitled "A ‘great leap forward’ in gene research" and also NIH's Web Exclusives in Genetics article entitled "Zooming in on Gene Regulation".

Capturing the Essence of Life


A multidisciplinary team of scientists mines a world of data to extract the secrets of life's most elemental strands.
Read the full article in the Brown Annual Report.

Storytelling About Lighthouses: Criticizing Professor Dijkstra Considered Harmless

Fall 2008

Read Sorin's latest Conduit Article titled: Storytelling About Lighthouses: Criticizing Professor Dijkstra Considered Harmless

Brown Symposium Highlights Next Wave in Biology and Business

November 20, 2006

"Biotech entrepreneur J. Craig Venter will speak at the 37th Annual Computer Science Department Industrial Partners Program Symposium held Dec. 6-8, 2006, at Brown University. The symposium, titled “The Genome and the Computational Sciences: The New Paradigms,” brings together experts from academia, business and government to discuss the biological challenges posed by genome sequencing and how those challenges can be met with computational techniques."
Read the full article from Brown Media Relations.

Surprise! Your cousin's a sea urchin

November 10, 2006

Media coverage of Brown University and issues in higher education

Sea Urchin Genome Is a Biology Boon and a Computational Feat

November 9, 2006

"Now that the entire DNA map of the sea urchin is complete, it’s clear that these spiny sea creatures are even closer genetic cousins to humans than suspected. Brown University professors Gary Wessel and Sorin Istrail helped reveal the secrets of the urchin – from its powerful immune system to its formidable gene regulatory network – by identifying individual genes and creating the first high-resolution map of genes activated in its embryo. The work appears on the cover of Science."
Read the full article from Brown Media Relations.

Randomness is Beautiful: in Search of von Neumann

Summer 2006

Read Sorin Istrail's article Randomness is Beautiful: in Search of von Neumann and follow his intellectual journey from Romania to Brown University.

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