The Advisory Committee on Corporate Responsibility in Investment Policies (ACCRIP) considers issues of ethical and moral responsibility in the investment policies of Brown University. Committee members include students, faculty, staff and alumni of the University. ACCRIP examines all proxy resolutions concerning issues of social responsibility that are presented to the University as a shareholder, and has developed guidelines for voting on such resolutions.

Meetings are open to all. Groups or individual members from the Brown University community -- students, faculty, staff, alumni -- are encouraged to bring to the attention of ACCRIP ethical and moral issues or issues of alleged social harm with respect to the activities of corporations in which the University is an investor. (For details on the jurisdiction of the committee, see the committee's charter.)

As a first step, such groups or individuals should contact the committee's chair and clearly identify in writing the issue(s) that they would like ACCRIP to consider. This narrative should also indicate what action(s) the individual or group would like to recommend to ACCRIP and be accompanied by documentation that substantiates the claims and recommendation included in the narrative. Normally such individuals or groups will first meet with the committee's chair in preparation for a presentation before the full committee. ACCRIP may recommend divestiture and/or other actions when they will likely have a positive impact toward correcting the specified social harm.