Brown University Dining Services (BUDS)

The Brown Card identifies student meal plan participants at University Dining Centers. The wide magnetic access stripe on the back of the Brown Card ID contains encoded on-line information regarding the user's board contracts which is read by BUDS dining systems to permit access to student dining. Students with board contracts also have automatic "points" credited to the Flex-Plus Dining Account. These credit points are available to be used in place of cash at any of BUDS operations on campus. Flex-Plus allows expanded, flexible food buying with the Brown Card at any Brown University Dining Services location.

All Brown Card holders who maintain funds in their Bear Bucks Account can make purchases with the Brown Card at any of the BUDS locations on campus.

For information on the use of Flex-Plus and the Brown Card for dining services contact:

Brown University Dining Services

144 Thayer St.
Providence RI 02912