The Bear Bucks Account

The Bear Bucks Account is an optional University maintained debit account designed to provide a convenient and safe way to make purchases and access services on campus. It functions much like any other bank debit account with two major differences. Funds deposited into this account may only be used on campus and cash withdrawals are prohibited. Account information is confidential and can only be disclosed to the account holder.

Terms and Conditions of the Bear Bucks Account

  • Cash withdrawals are prohibited.
  • A balance remaining at the end of a semester will automatically be rolled over to the next semester.
  • For Students - Any balance remaining in this account following graduation, separation or withdrawal will be refunded in full. (Exception:  if the University is forced to draw from the account to clear an outstanding debt of the cardholder, only the unused balance will be refunded).
  • Account information is strictly confidential and may only be disclosed to the account holder.
  • A lost or stolen card should be reported immediately to the Brown Card Office or to the Department of Public Safety.

Using the Bear Bucks Account 

The Bear Bucks Account can be used to make purchases without cash at any Brown University location that accepts Bear Bucks as a form of payment, including Brown University Dining Services, The Brown Bookstore, Computer Store, Campus Shop, Rockefeller Library, Health Services and the College Hill Cafe located in the Bookstore. The Bear Bucks Account may also be used for laundry, snack & beverage vending and to purchase copy and print services.

Only the person to whom it is issued may use the Brown Card. The Bear Bucks Account balance is not transferable and can not be refunded. All Bear Bucks transactions are final at the time of the transaction.

Managing & Adding Bear Bucks

Brown Card holders may add funds to a Bear Bucks account in many ways. You can add funds electronically using the GET Portal, in person at any campus ValuePort III machine, as well as by mailing or hand delivering a  deposit to the Cashier's Office. 

GET Portal

GET allows Brown Users to add funds and provides valuable information about account balances and spending history. It also enables you to report a lost or stolen card at any time of day or night. Learn all that GET has to offer Bear Bucks account holders here.

ValuePort III Machines 

ValuePort III machines are conveniently located at the Rockefeller Library, Sciences Library, Sharpe Refectory lower level, Josiah's, Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center, Bookstore Lobby, Emery Woolley Hall and at 222 Richmond Street. ValuePort III machines provide Brown Card holders a convenient point of service to:

  • deposit funds to their Bear Bucks Account by inserting cash into the Value Port III machine. The ValuePort III machines accept the following US Currency: ($1, $5, $10 and $20 bills).
  • check their Bear Bucks available balance.

Value Port III machines are conveniently located on campus which may be used to deposit funds and to check available balances on the Bear Bucks Account.

Cashier's Office

  • To mail in a deposit, complete a Bear Bucks Account Deposit Slip and mail it with a check made payable to Brown University for the intended amount to: Brown University, Cashier's Office, Box 1911, Providence, RI 02912.
  • To deposit in person visit the Cashier's Office in Page-Robinson Hall , 69 Brown Street - 2nd floor.

The maximum amount that may be maintained in The Bear Bucks Account is $7,500. Careful consideration should be given to expected usage in order to determine the appropriate amount to maintain in the account.

GET is a secure service providing students, faculty, and staff with online account management capabilities. GET allows Brown Users to view campus card accounts and find places to eat on campus. GET provides valuable information about account balances and spending history and enables you to report a lost or stolen card at any time of day or night.

Bear Bucks Deposits with Payroll Deductions for Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff may also sign up for automatic Payroll Deduction into a Bear Bucks Account. 

  • To initiate payroll deductions, send an e-mail to [email protected]. Please include your Name, Brown ID # or Workday ID # and the amount per paycheck you would like deducted.
  • To stop payroll deductions, please send an email to [email protected]. In most cases, the employee will have to spend any remaining Bear Bucks on their account. Refunds are only offered if an employee is leaving Brown. Full refunds are processed by the Brown Card Office and will be sent to you by electronic payment or paper check.

For any questions regarding these options, please contact the Payroll Office at (401) 863-2361 or the Brown Card Office at (401) 863-2273.

Students Closing a Bear Bucks Account

Any balance remaining in the account will be refunded in full following graduation, separation or withdrawal from the University.

If the University is forced to draw from the Bear Bucks Account to clear an outstanding balance due by the account holder, e.g., the student account, only the unused balance will be refunded.

Bear Bucks Guest Cards

Bear Bucks Guest Cards may also be purchased from ValuePort III machines for $1.00. University Visitors and Guests who do not have a Brown ID Card, but who would like to use a card to purchase vending products and services on campus can use these cards. Value can be added to the Bear Bucks Guest Card after purchase by inserting the Guest Card into the ValuePort III machine and depositing funds onto this card.

Terms and Conditions of the Bear Bucks Guest Cards:

Cash withdrawals are prohibited. Any funds added to a Bear Bucks Guest Card remain on the card until the balance is spent in its entirety. Any funds remaining on a Bear Bucks Guest Card are non-transferable and non-refundable.

If you're experiencing issues with any services associated with Bear Bucks, please call the Brown Card Office at (401) 863-2273 or email [email protected].