Brown Card Terms and Conditions

The Brown Card remains the property of Brown University. It is entrusted to each Student, Faculty, Staff Member or Approved Guests of the University. Individuals who use campus services are required to obtain a Brown Card and may possess only one Brown Card at a time. The Brown Card Office and University Officials, including Public Safety Officers, reserve the right to request that a cardholder surrenders their Brown Card at any time.

The Brown Card must be presented when seeking access or privileges determined through the Brown University One Card System or upon the request of a University Official. The Brown Card is strictly non-transferable. The Brown Card should never be surrendered to anyone seeking to use the ID card as collateral. (Example: athletic equipment rental, etc.)

Fraudulent use of the Brown Card will result in disciplinary action. Fraudulent use includes using or permitting the use of the card by a person other than the individual to whom it was issued or for the benefit of a person not entitled to the access or privileges for which the card was used.

The University shall provide each new Student, Faculty, Staff Member or Approved Guest with a Brown Card. All subsequent card purchases are the responsibility of the individual.