About the Office of the Dean of the Faculty

The Office of the Dean of the Faculty

The Dean of the Faculty is a senior member of the University's academic administration and is directly responsible for the recruitment, retention, and development of University faculty.  The Dean's office oversees departments and programs in the divisions of the Physical and Life Sciences, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences.  The Dean works closely with the Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences, the Dean of Public Health, and the the Dean of the School of Engineering to advance Brown's dual research and teaching mission.

As the officer most directly involved in shaping and developing the Brown faculty, the Dean of the Faculty has a significant impact on the University's intellectual life and academic future through hiring decisions, faculty support, and strategic initiatives. The Dean supervises and approves all faculty searches and departmental hiring plans; works with faculty governance committees on hiring, reappointment, promotion and tenure; convenes small discussion groups of department chairs and faculty on academic issues and initiatives; serves as the faculty's advocate within the University; and is a member of the President's Cabinet.

Dean Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin comes to the Dean's office from the departments of English, Comparative Literature, and German Studies,  where his research focused on European and American literature of the 19th century, with special emphasis on the interconnections between literature and philosophy. Dean McLaughlin has recently served as the chair of the English and German Studies departments.