Faculty Development Funds

Faculty Development Funds

Faculty Development Fund Guidelines

Application Deadline: April 30

The Faculty Development Fund is aimed at supporting development, especially among junior faculty, by providing incremental assistance towards research travel, research supplies, publication fees, and other research expenses. All funds must be used according to the university’s policy on research funds.  Please note that the University's policy requires pre-authorization for per diem charged for more than 14 consecutive days.  The updates can be found on the travel lodging and meal policies. 

Voting members of the Brown Campus-based faculty are eligible to receive Faculty Development Funds.

The amounts awarded range between $500 and $2500. Larger amounts (up to $5000) may be awarded in special circumstances. The budget is limited, and each year we receive more applications than can be funded.  Faculty who do not have access to other funds are given priority.  

A call for applications is issued each Spring, and applications are due on April 30. Awards are typically announced by June, and the funds become available on July 1. Applications are collected through UFUNDS.