Faculty Review and Promotion

Tenure, Promotions, Appointments, and Reappointments

The Office of the Dean of the Faculty oversees the tenure, promotion, and reappointment processes for faculty in campus-based departments in all divisions of the University, and also oversees the review process for the appointment and tenure of senior external hires. The Tenure, Promotions, and Appointments Committee (TPAC), a faculty committee, meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters to review the dossiers for these cases, and the committee's recommendations are then sent to the Provost and President.

Current TPAC members are listed on the Faculty Governance website. 

The TPAC Dossier Preparation Guide below, as well as Chapter 10 and Appendix C of the Handbook of Academic Administration (in the Policy Documents section) provide guidance on the preparation of dossiers. The staff in the Dean’s office work closely with department chairs and candidates to guide and advise them on the preparation of dossiers. Contact: [email protected]

Annual Reviews

All tenure-track Assistant Professors, tenure-track Associate Professors without tenure, and Lecturers are reviewed annually by their department. Senior Lecturers and Distinguished Senior Lecturers are reviewed once in the middle of the term of appointment, and more frequently if requested by the faculty member or deemed necessary by the department.

Annual and mid-contract reviews are conducted in the fall; annual reviews cover the previous academic year, mid-contract reviews cover the academic years since the last reappointment. Annual and mid-contract reviews should not be confused with salary reviews, which are conducted in the spring and cover the calendar year.

Please see this page for more information about annual reviews.

TPAC Dossier Preparation Guide


Presentations, Guidelines and Instructions

TPAC workshop for department chairs and managers 

TPAC workshop for junior faculty

Interfolio training for department managers and staff

Curriculum vitae guidelines 7.2021

Guidelines for peer observation of teaching revised 7.2.21

Interfolio sign in instructions 7.2.2021

Submitting a dossier through Interfolio 8.12.20 

Instructions for creating teaching reports 8.12.20 

Forms and Templates

TPAC cover memo form 10.14.21
Solicitation letter template 8.12.20 
Candidate's waiver of right to appear at department meeting template 7.2021 
Annual or mid-contract review confirmation of receipt form 7.2.21 
TPAC evaluator chart 8.12.20