Handbook of Academic Administration

The Handbook of Academic Administration is divided into chapters. Chapters may be accessed at the links below or in the menu at left.

The information presented in this document represents a summary of certain policies, regulations and benefits applicable to faculty and academic administration at the University. These policies, regulations and benefits are subject to change in accordance with University delegations of authority or by vote of the Corporation. In the event of inconsistencies between official University policy and this Handbook, the official University policy shall prevail.

Note: This document undergoes annual revision.

Table of Contents

Full Handbook 2021-22

Significant changes to the Handbook

Chapter 1. Administrative Organization of the University
Chapter 2. Appointment and Duties of the Head of the Academic Unit
Chapter 3. Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity
Chapter 4. Academic Responsibilities and Ranks
Chapter 5. Faculty Searches
Chapter 6. Recommending the New Appointment, and Follow-Up Steps
Chapter 7. Faculty Salaries and Benefits
Chapter 8. Departmental Standards and Criteria
Chapter 9. Annual and Mid Contract Reviews of Faculty
Chapter 10. Reappointments, Promotions, and Tenure Reviews
Chapter 11. Non-Regular Faculty
Chapter 12. Designated Chairs, Endowed or Named Chairs, and University Professorships
Chapter 13. Leaves of Absence
Chapter 14. Leaving the University
Chapter 15. Academic Priorities Committee (APC)
Chapter 16. Space Maintenance, Renovation, and Allocation
Chapter 17. The Registrar's Office
Chapter 18. The University Library and Media Services
Chapter 19. Student and Faculty Use of Brown University Computer Services
Chapter 20. Conducting Research at Brown                                                                  Chapter 21. Legal Questions
Chapter 22. Miscellaneous Matters
Appendix A: Faculty Committees and Advisory Boards
Appendix B: Draft Department Letter for Soliciting External Reviews
Appendix C: The Dossier