Standards, Criteria, and Reviews

Standards and Criteria

All faculty are entitled to a written statement of their department's, program's, or division's criteria for recommending renewal of an appointment, promotion, or the awarding of tenure, and of the procedures to make such recommendations. This requirement has been extended to include the right of all faculty to a statement of departmental standards and criteria in matters of research, teaching and service that would apply when important personnel recommendations or decisions affecting their interests are made by the department.

 These statements must be detailed, clear, objective and manifestly fair, and they must indicate the relative importance ("weight") given to each criterion - research, teaching and service. The department is responsible for providing each member of the department with a copy of its standards and criteria, especially new faculty and those who may be candidates for reappointment, promotion or tenure in the near future. Please refer to the attached document, Suggestions for improving Standards and Criteria documents for guidance when reviewing departmental standards and criteria.

Annual Reviews

All Assistant Professors, tenure-track Associate Professors without tenure, and Lecturers at Brown are reviewed annually by their department, in consultation with their cognizant dean.  Senior lecturers should be reviewed once, in the middle of their appointment.  Annual reviews of untenured faculty are directed by the chair of their unit and conducted at a meeting of the tenured faculty of the department.  Faculty members under review are advised to provide their department chair with an updated curriculum vitae, and may wish to refer to the cv guidelines posted here.  Explicit instructions for conducting the annual review can be found in chapter nine of the Handbook.

Annual reviews are due to the Dean's office in mid-October.  The Dean will comment on the review, after which the chair should meet with the faculty member and provide him or her with a written copy of the review and a confirmation of receipt form, which should be signed and returned to the Dean's office.