Cost of Attendance represents a combination of direct charges and estimated indirect expenses. Standard direct charges will appear on your Brown billing statement and include: tuition and mandatory fees. Standard indirect expenses include: housing, meals, books and supplies, travel (if applicable), and personal expenses. Students may experience different levels of indirect expenses; however, the values listed represent allowances provided for students attending a standard nine-month* program and being charged for eight courses.

Not included in your Cost of Attendance are individual expenses that may be specific only to you. For example, you are required to have health insurance while attending Brown. If you do not waive the University's health insurance plan, your Cost of Attendance will include an additional component for this charge, which for the academic year 2020-2021 is $4,077.  Additional individual expenses not included may include: clothing for the New England climate, computer purchase, childcare expenses, etc. All prospective and current students should visit the Graduate School’s Financing & Support  along with the Living & Resources  for more information on your direct and indirect costs. If you are interested in the School of Professional Studies Master’s programs, please click here for more information.

2020-21 Cost of Attendance

Direct/Billed Charges


Tuition and Fees


Subtotal – Direct charges




Indirect Estimated Expenses


Housing and Meals


Books & Supplies






Total Direct and Indirect Charges*


*If your program is longer than the standard nine-month academic period or requires less than eight courses, your overall Cost of Attendance may vary.

**Several master’s programs have a different tuition structure than other degree programs at Brown for the 2020-2021 academic year. For a breakdown of each variable tuition rate, please visit the Bursar’s Office’s Graduate Tuition & Fees page here.