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Student Publications Spotlight: Vagabond Magazine

June 10, 2016

Vagabond Magazine at Brown University publishes student pieces about all things relating to travel and culture. The publications range from articles about the evolution of coffee culture in China to personal narratives about being forced to leave Syria in the wake of increasing violence.

Here are some articles from the magazine:

  • China's Coffee Revolution is Brewing explores the relationship between an emerging coffee culture and elitism in China.

  • Providence Welcomes Imaginary WordsIn light of the Vortex Film Festival held in Rhode Island as part of the International Film Festival, one student describes the intensive layering process of creating animated films.

  • Returning Home: A Syrian student describes the painful process of leaving home after her school closed and the situation turned violent in their hometown of Aleppo.

  • The Resplendent Isle: Sri Lanka makes connections between the history and diverse environment in Sri Lanka, an “undiscovered jewel”, to highlight some of its most attractive destinations.

  • Settling In: After studying abroad in Germany for two years, one student explains how performing normal tasks in a foreign culture has served as a significant learning experience.

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