Meet the Ombudsperson


Ms. Julie WeberMs. Julie Weber

Ms. Julie Weber is excited to join the Brown University community. She is an experienced ombuds who is trained in mediation and has focused on helping employees navigate their way through conflict throughout her career.

Most recently, Ms. Weber served as the College Ombuds at Montgomery College in Maryland. There, she regularly worked with staff, faculty, and administrators in conflict, coaching, facilitating conversations, mediating disputes, giving referrals, training, providing upward feedback, and making recommendations for positive change. At Montgomery College, she also was invited to sit on multiple committees as an advisor on matters related to conflict management, equity and inclusion, ethics, civility, employee engagement, performance management, and professional development.

Prior to becoming an ombuds, she worked as a Human Resources (HR) Manager at Summit Consulting, overseeing compliance and employee relations matters. Additionally, before becoming an HR Manager, Ms. Weber worked as a lawyer in Massachusetts and in Washington, DC, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in employment, education, and health care matters. Ms. Weber also served as the Policy Specialist on work-family matters at the Sloan Work and Family Research Network at Boston College, where she focused on legislative and corporate policies regarding teleworking, alternative work arrangements, shift work, and more.

Ms. Weber holds a bachelor's degree from Columbia University and a Juris Doctor from Boston College. She is also a certified organizational ombuds practitioner by the International Ombudsman Association.