Property & Liability Insurance


Based on an institutional assessment of the potential for losses and the cost to insure against a loss, Brown University purchases Property and Liability Insurance for all University related needs.

Policy Statement 

The Office of Insurance & Purchasing Services, on behalf of the University, is authorized to purchase property, liability and other non-employee benefit insurance for general and specific risks. When a specific insurance coverage is required for an activity, department, or sponsored project, Insurance & Purchasing Services staff will work with the department to secure the needed insurance coverage.  Individual departments may not purchase separate insurance policies without prior consultation with Insurance & Purchasing Services.

 Departments will be directly charged for:

  • Annual insurance premiums for auto insurance if vehicles are assigned to the department or vehicles are rented on a routine basis.
  • Deductibles associated with certain specific types of insurable losses (theft, property damage, damage related to auto claims).
  • Premiums for insurance policies purchased to cover specific activities or events

Departments must notify Insurance & Purchasing Services within 48 hours of any injury or property damage occurrence. Departments are responsible for cooperating in the settlement of claims.


Property Insurance:  Insurance that covers the cost to repair or replace University-owned property, and extra expenses (cleanup and repair labor, materials, etc.) arising from an insured loss. Covered Property includes University owned buildings and items such as furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment.

General Liability:  Insurance that covers damages and legal defense costs for bodily injury or property damage to third parties for which the University is legally responsible.

Automobile Liability:  Insurance that provides coverage for third-party bodily injury or property damage in a claim arising from the ownership or use of vehicles the University owns, leases, hires, or rents for use Brown University business.

Professional Liability:  Insurance that provides coverage for legal liability arising out of errors and omissions while providing professional services.


Office of Insurance & Purchasing Services:
-        Coordinates all property and casualty insurance for the University.
-        Arranges for the purchase of commercial insurance policies
-        Manages all retained or self-insured programs for property and liability insurance
-        Identifies and evaluates risks, purchases insurance as appropriate and processes claims.

University Departments:
-        Engage Purchasing and Insurance Services for any special needs insurance coverage.
-        Files notices of injury or property damage with Insurance & Purchasing Services. Reports property claims to Insurance & Purchasing Services within 48 hours of the accident.

-        Notify Insurance & Purchasing Services when the University is required to provide insurance for borrowed equipment or items on loan to the University.
-        Report accidents if using vehicles on University business (See also safeDRIVE)

Policy Owner
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Director, Insurance & Purchasing Services

Jeanne Hebert
Director, Insurance & Purchasing Services
[email protected]

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