Raffles Policy


This policy states the requirements for holding a raffle at Brown University.

Policy Statement 

Operating raffles and other games of chance where a fee is required to enter the raffle is strictly forbidden by the State of Rhode Island unless licensed by the Division of the State Police. While educational organizations are eligible to obtain a license for such events, it is required that all proceeds of charges for admission or participation in such games, after expenses, must be applied exclusively for charitable or educational purposes.


Financial Coordinator:  Create the supplier invoice for the application fee.
Cost Center Manager:  Approve the supplier invoice.
Accounts Payable:  Review and approve the supplier invoice.


According to the RI State Police website:

If your organization wishes to conduct a raffle, you may obtain the raffle application from your local police department or from this web page. After you complete the application, submit it along with the $5.00 application fee in the form of a check or money order (cash is not accepted) to the Chief of Police in the city/town where the drawing will be held (with the exception of Providence, where it must first be submitted to the Providence City Hall Licensing Department). The Chief of Police will conduct records checks on the applicants and sign the application indicating his/her approval or disapproval of your request. The application will then be forwarded to the Rhode Island State Police Charitable Gaming Unit. Your application will be reviewed here to see if it meets the criteria outlined in the Rhode Island General Law. When the application is approved, a letter will be sent to the applicant, with a copy being sent to the Chief of Police in the city/town where the drawing will be held. You may sell the tickets anywhere, but you must hold the drawing in the location indicated on your application. A financial report will be included with the letter of approval. This financial report must be completed and returned to the Rhode Island State Police Charitable Gaming Unit within sixty (60) days after the drawing. No further authorizations will be approved until we receive your financial report.

  1. Go to the RI State Police website. Read the raffle rules and regulations.  Download and complete the raffle application.
  2. Raffle application signed by the department manager.
  3. Create Supplier invoice for the raffle application fee.  Spend Category Miscellaneous Expenses (9661). Select “hold for pick-up”:  Accounts Payable will hold the check for to include with the application.  Pick-up check and mail application and check.
  4. At the conclusion of the raffle, download the Raffle Financial Report.  Complete the report and mail it to the RI State Police as directed on the form.
Policy Owner
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Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer

John Haden
Accounts Payable Manager
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Revision Date:  Wed, 2019-10-09 12:34