Date Title
2018 Professional Development Day: "Opening Remarks"
South Street Landing: "Ribbon Cutting Remarks"
Addressing the Protests in Charlottesville
Commitment to our Community in a Time of Uncertainty
Changes in the Title IX Office
Supporting our Undocumented and DACA Community
Uniting as a community
Community Gathering - Tonight, 6:00 PM, Leung Family Gallery
Implementation of SATF recommendations
2016 Convocation Remarks: "On Freedom of Expression"
This Week's NLRB Ruling
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Taking Brown With Them”
Incident at Marcy House
February 2016 Corporation Meeting: DIAP, Financial Aid, FY17 Budget, Tuition and Fees
Actions on incident at Latinx Ivy League Conference
October 2015 Corporation Meeting: BrownTogether Campaign, Campus Initiatives
Sexual assault climate survey report
2015 Convocation Remarks: "On Inequality"
Initiatives for the 2015-2016 school year
2015 Commencement College Ceremony Remarks: "On the Good Life and Making Choices"
250th Anniversary Celebration: Closing Remarks
May 2015 Corporation Meeting: Strategic Planning, Elections, Endowed Positions
Response to Sexual Assault Task Force final recommendations
Brown Alumni Magazine: “A New ROTC Expansion"
Final Report of the Sexual Assault Task Force
Supporting our Students and Each Other
Passing of a Graduate Student
February 2015 Corporation Meeting: Academic Planning, Commitment to Financial Aid
Passing of Stanley M. Aronson, Founding Dean, Brown Medical School
Task Force on Sexual Assault: Implementation of Recommendations
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Beyond the Classroom"
Interim Report of The Task Force on Sexual Assault
Interim Report: Task Force on Sexual Assault
Reducing the threat of sexual assault on our campus
Brown Alumni Magazine: “A Sporting Education"
Passing of a Student
October 2014 Corporation Meeting: Campaign and Strategic Planning, Sustainable Financial Model
Response to the Reports on NYC Police Commissioner Kelly and the Events of October 29, 2013
Passing of Marjorie Thompson '74, PhD'79
2014 Convocation Remarks: "Brown’s 250th Anniversary"
2014 Commencement Remarks: Brown’s 250th Anniversary (video)
May 2014 Corporation Meeting: Strategic Plan, Sexual Assault, Trustee Elections
Response to the Student Task Force on sexual assault
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
Charge: Task Force on Sexual Assault
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Supporting Grad Students"
Remembering Prof. Gerald Guralnik
Statement on Sexual Assault at Brown
Condolences to the family of Dana Dourdeville
Establishing a Committee on the Ray Kelly Event of October 29, 2013
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Lessons Lasting a Lifetime"
Community Letter on NYC Police Commissioner Kelly and the Events of October 29, 2013
Message about Campus Safety
2013 Convocation Remarks: “A Lively Experiment”
First-Year of Presidency Report
2013 Commencement Remarks (video)
Condolences to the family of Sunil Tripathi
On the passing of Chinua Achebe, the David and Marianna Fisher University professor and professor of African studies
Response to the Report of the Advisory Committee on Childcare
President’s Message on the Newtown Tragedy
2012 Convocation Remarks: "On Constructive Irreverence"
Welcoming Remarks to the Class of 2016