There are approximately 150 outdoor emergency phones located on or near the exterior of all residence halls and most university buildings. They are also located on the campus walkways, at the parking garage, and additionally there are 45 elevator phones in various campus buildings.

To view a campus map with the locations of our emergency blue-light phones, click here.

Outdoor emergency phones are housed in gray or yellow lexan cases, are mounted directly to buildings or stanchions, and have a blue light above them. These phones can be used for calling within the university phone system and have a direct speed calling button (marked in red) with an automatic identifier so that the Communications Officer will know your locations when the call is answered. When getting acquainted with the campus, try to note the locations of these phones.


How to Use the Blue Light Emergency Phone


1. To activate Emergency Blue Light Phone:

Press the RED emergency button and phone will automatically dial Public Safety. Wait for dispatcher to answer and explain the problem. A blue light will flash at the phone so that responding personnel can more easily locate you. 

2. To activate keypad:

Press black button and wait for a dial tone,
Dial extension number, 
Press black button when completed.