The Investigations Unit consists of a Sergeant and five (5) sworn Campus Police Officers, three of whom have undergone specialized training at the R.I. State Crime Lab at the University of RI.  Detectives are responsible for coordinating all investigations for the department. All preliminary investigative information contained in criminal reports will be reviewed and screened by the Investigations Unit. Follow-up investigations will be conducted on those incidents, which have the best chance of being successfully closed based on solvability factors.

Functional areas of responsibility include, but aren't limited to: follow-up investigations, crime scene investigations, evidence collection and storage, narcotics, vice and intelligence operations, finger printing, case file management, sexual assault victim-witness assistance, and uniform crime reports.

Detectives periodically participate in roll-call sessions with shift officers for the purpose of providing feedback on investigations, and to exchange information with members of the Community Policing Bureau. Detectives also play a key role in assisting victim/witnesses and work closely with the Providence Police Department, as well as other law enforcement agencies, to ensure a victim/witness is informed and safe. All criminal complaints are processed within this unit.

Dignitary Protection

The unit  is also responsible for providing special protection or to supplement other federal or local agencies in protecting distinguished visitors to Brown University. The Lieutenant will coordinate security operations with external law enforcement agencies as needed to ensure a secure event on campus for all visiting dignitaries.

Victim-Witness Assistance

The department also has a specialized Dectective, Jeanne Natale, who engages students impacted by intimate partner violence in effort to faciliate reporting, provide support, and any necessary communications with other municipal agencies to include the Providence Police Department involving sensitive crimes and related case follow-up.

Detective Lieutenant John Carvalho, (401)863-5376
Detective Mark Edmonds
Detective Jeanne Natale
Detective Armand Pereira
Detective John Remka
Detective Richard Brousseau