Move-in day is here!  Upon arriving to campus, please take into consideration the following tips to prevent the theft of your property:

  • Be sure to secure your vehicle between trips to your residence.
  • Never leave boxes or luggage unatttended outside of your vehicle or your room.  Appoint a relative or a friend to keep an eye on your things while you make a trip to the car or your room.  Theft can occur within a matter of minutes!
  • Always lock your door when leaving.  Never leave your room unsecured while unattended.  If applicable, encourage your roommate to do the same.  Making a plan to keep your valuables safe is a great way to build a rapport!
  • As residence hall doors are often propped during move-in, pay special attention to suspicious circumstances to include persons leaving the residence with belongings.  Report suspicious circumstances to Public Safety promptly by calling (401)863-3322.
  • Consider leaving your most treasured items at home.  Secure your must have valuables such as jewelry, heirlooms, credit cards, etc. in  a safe place in your room out of plain view. 
  • Secure your bicycle to a bike rack with a horseshoe style lock.  Avoid using cable locks as they can be easily cut within minutes.