Party Safety Tips                                                  

If you’re at a party, be careful and watch your drink. Do not leave it unattended so someone can put something in it.

 Tell a friend where you will be. Leave them the address, telephone number, and what time you think you will be home.

Check out what foods are being served and be careful what you pick to eat.

Adults like to have as much fun during Halloween as the kids do! Adult Halloween parties tend to include dancing, alcohol use, and catered food.

Using common sense can make a party a great one and avoid anything that may ruin it:

Keep an eye on the drinking; don't let it get out of hand. Take the keys away from anyone that may be driving. Have one person stay sober and offer to drive those people home who may be too intoxicated to drive.

When deciding on a menu, check and see if anyone attending the party has food allergies that might be a problem. Common food allergies to dairy products, peanuts and shell fish can really put a damper on the festivities.

Planning ahead for problems can make all the difference for your Halloween party!

Date Rape Drugs - What are they?

Rohypnol, known on the street as "Roofies," and Gamma Hydroxy Butryic acid, known as GHB or liquid ecstasy, are depressants that can cause dizziness, disorientation, loss of inhibition, memory blackouts, and loss of consciousness when mixed with alcohol. Both are odorless, colorless, and tasteless, so you may not even realize it if someone slips on of these substances into your drink. Because they may cause you to pass out, ingesting them may put you at risk for sexual assault.

Don't accept an open drink from anyone. If you order a drink in a bar, make sure you watch the bartender open the bottle or mix your drink.

Avoid punch bowls. With Roofies and GHB in circulation, you can't be sure what's in the punch, so think twice before you partake.

Make a pact with your friends to watch out for each other, and spread the word about these date-rape drugs to everyone you know.