The DPS Staff Introduction Series: "The Person Behind the Badge" launches the week of April 3, 2018.  

"We understand that community relations can be enhanced if there is an effort from our staff to get to know the members of the community we serve on an interpersonal level. That is interchangeable. We also think it is important that we provide opportunity for the community to get to know our staff, what they care about, and a little bit about who they are as individuals and members of the Brown community. " Michelle Nuey, Manager of Community Relations and Outreach

This Spring we will highlight the profiles of some of our patrol staff. Officers have been interviewed by our student Social Media Coordinator, Jordana Siegel.  Information, biographics, fun facts, and quotes will be shared about the officers for 2-weeks on our Facebook page and website. Please like and share! If you have had a positive interaction with the officer, please feel to comment and share.

"I think it is really easy to forget that the people who serve the Brown community have rich, filling lives outside of the Brown bubble. Since so much of our lives as students are entrenched on campus, we forget that the employees of Brown leave campus, even Providence, to go home to families. I think this campaign is great because it provides a nuanced view of officers of Brown and helps us as students understand who they are on a deeper level. " Jordana Siegal, DPS Social Media Coordinator.

Spring 2018 Series:

Part One:  Thomas Shelton Jr., April 3-April 13, 2018
Part Two:  Lionel Butterfield, April 16 - April 27, 2018
Part Three: Patricia Fortier, April 30 - May 11, 2018