The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is taking a proactive role in promoting agency and officer integrity by strengthening our commitment to assessing our police-citizen interactions. This new intiative enhances our mission to contribute towards the quality of University life by fostering an environment in which security is balances with freedom of movement and individual rights are balanced with community needs.

The Proactive Integrity Initiative encompasses several specific areas of agency functionality:

  1. Ongoing efforts to enhance agency integrity and transparency
  2. Collecting and analyzing citizen/field stop data
  3. Consistent efforts to sustain accountability and supervision of personnel Implementation of strategies that prevent biased-based policing

The Department of Public Safety and the Office of Institutional Diversity (2005) began working collaboratively to enhance the integrity of several of the aformentioned areas. One such collaboration includes the analysis of the department's Citizen/Field Stop Data.

In the course of their duty a DPS Officer may stop and question a person when the officer has reasonable suspicion to believe that person has committed a crime, may be committing a crime, behavior is suspicious, believes the person may be a hazard to themselves or others, or believes the interview may have a preventive effect in deterring hazardous or disruptive behavior.

In 2005, under the direction of Colonel Mark Porter, DPS launched a Proactive Field Stop Integrity Initiative to track all field stops conducted by DPS personnel to monitor and analyze the level of activity. Reports on the Departments Field Stop Data may be accessed by clicking the related links on this page.  Data is compiled, reviewed and summarized by the Professional Standards Bureau.

If you have been stopped by a member of the Department of Public Safety and you are unsure of the reason or validity of the stop, we invite you to inquire about it. You may do so by filing an Field Stop Inquiry Form which will provide us with details of the stop and a way to contact you.