Title IX Coordinators

The Title IX Program Officer is responsible for ensuring compliance with Title IX, overseeing training and education, and gathering and reporting information to the campus community. The Title IX Program Officer and Deputy Title IX Coordinators are available to answer any questions related to the Policy, Complaint Process, available resource and reporting options, and remedial and safety measures.

University's Title IX Program Officer:

Rene Davis
Title IX Program Officer 
J. Walter Wilson Building, Suite 319
(401) 863-2386


Deputy Title IX Coordinators:

For Faculty:

Anne Windham
Associate Dean of the Faculty
415 University Hall
1 Prospect Street
Providence, RI 02912
(401) 863-5410

For Undergraduate Students:

Kirsten Wolfe
Interim Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Undergraduate Students 
Assistant Dean of Students
Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards
42 Charlesfield Street, Graduate Center E

(401) 863-3145

For Graduate Students: 

Maria Suarez
Associate Dean of Student Support
(401) 863-1802

For Medical Students:

Lindsay Orchowski
Psychiatry and Human Behavior
146 W River St, Providence, RI 02904
(401) 444-7021

For Staff:

Wendy J. McRae-Owoeye
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Brown University
(401) 863-1787
wendy_mcrae-owoeye@brown.edu or