Brown University encourages commuting community members to form carpools to save money and reduce the number of cars that come to campus.  

Finding a Carpool

Check out the RIPTA Alternet carpool service.

Registering a Carpool

A carpool is made up of a minimum of two Brown employees who do not live at the same address. (Non-Brown employees may be in the car pool after this requirement is met.) Carpool parking is paid via proportionate pre-tax payroll deduction.

To register a carpool, please contact the Transportation Office. Each member of the carpool must complete a Carpool Application. One hangtag will be issued to the carpool. Occasionally, carpool members may need to park in the Visitor Parking Lot (Power Street Garage, Upper) if their ride is unexpectedly unable to come to work one day and there is insufficient time to pick up the hang tag. Each carpooler will receive one free one-day parking permit per year to save for use in this situation.

A carpool ceases to exist when there is only one member left, at which time the carpool's lot assignment reverts to the Parking Office. If the last remaining carpool member was assigned to that lot prior to the formation of the carpool, and his/her assignment was converted into the carpool's lot assignment, then he/she may retain the lot assignment and pay for it individually, as he/she did prior to the creation of the carpool.

Joining and Exiting a Carpool

  • Join: New members may be recruited into the carpool, thus preserving the carpool's lot assignment, and providing the carpool with a recruiting tool to continue to exist.
  • Exit: Please contact the Transportation Office in order to stop the parking payroll deduction if you choose to exit a carpool.