Vice President for Campus Life & Student Services

New Student Orientation

Information about new undergraduate student Orientation is available on the Orientation website. New undergraduates receive information, updates, and reminders or deadlines by email; many of those weekly emails are also posted to the Orientation website under Preparing for Brown. Information about orientation for new graduate students is available on the Graduate School website.

Let's Talk Program with CAPS

Let's Talk is a community based program to reach out to student populations that would not otherwise seek counseling services. Students and counselors engage in brief conversations regarding counseling services, community resources, simple problem solving and self-care. All students are welcome to speak with counselors this semester (Spring 2017) at a number of offices around campus. The Let's Talk schedule (at the Nelson Fitness Center, Sarah Doyle, FLi Center, BCSC) is on the CAPS website.

How to help a student when you worry

As an advisor, teacher, friend, coach, supervisor, myriad other roles, or as the parent or family member of a Brown student, your relationship may mean you are one of the first to notice something of concern. You notice a student is behaving differently or seems distressed. You may have questions about how you can be helpful or how best to connect with University response resources. Helping a Student in Distress seeks to summarize and connect you with relevant resources and information.

Student Digital Experience

Brown has embarked on a multi-year Digital Experience Project to develop a unified digital ecosystem that has the promise to transform how Brown serves and engages members of our on-campus and off-campus communities. The goal is to offer increased ease of use of Brown’s online services, as well as personalized information-sharing and communications to ensure members of our community can make the most of their Brown experience.