Sarah Doyle Center for Women & Gender (SDC)

26 Benevolent Street Providence, RI 02912
(401) 863-2189

Graduate and medical school students have access to the SDC space and are welcome to attend the different programs and events throughout the year. Sign up for the newsletter.

Graduate Coordinators provide special programming including Radical Parenting Reading Group, reproductive justice series, parent socials, discussion groups, workshops, dissertation support writing group, sessions on work-life balance and careers outside of the academy and other events throughout the year

Children’s Library “Stories for Free Children” open to all which includes a children's book collection of anti-racist, gender-inclusive feminist children’s books that encourage kids to be brave, kind, and committed to social justice, peace, and the environment.

Lactation room available at the SDC.

Attorney Peter J. Cerilli provides legal advice to Brown undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. He holds office hours in Room 204 at the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center during the Fall and Spring semesters. He is also available for consultation by telephone (on select days and times).